Greenhouse Gases

Sources of Greenhouse Gases: Mostly, greenhouse gases are produced from energy use. The main sources of these gases are:

•  Growth of industrialization.
•  Fuel used for electricity generation
•  Weather patterns affecting heating and cooling needs

Energy-associated with the emission of carbon dioxide resulting from natural gas and petroleum signify 82% of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions only in USA.

Prospect for Future Emissions

Universal carbon dioxide emissions are probable to increase by 1.9% every twelve months within the year of 2001 to 2025. Due to the rising economies, for example India & China and fuel economic growth with fossil energy, there is full probability of enlargement in the emission of greenhouse gases to take place in these growing countries. Emissions produced from the developing countries are predictable to increase above the world average at 2.7% per year within 2001 to 2025; and excel emissions of developed countries by 2018.

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